Effective IT to prevent home working productivity loss for SMEs

Due to the recent unprecedented situation, home working has – at least for now – become a permanent situation for workers. While we seem to be managing, our latest independently commissioned research shows that UK home-workers are experiencing consistent issues with the hardware provided to them. More worryingly still it identified working practices that could lead to unauthorised access to information and data sharing that breaks stringent regulations. 

Whether homeworking is a temporary stop-gap, or is delivering benefits that you want to hang on to in the future, it’s clear that we need to make sure that it is robust for the future.

Rapid replacement 

Having the right hardware is essential, at ILUX we can provide all the essentials needed for home working. In addition – working with ILUX offers a Rapid Replacement service - same day/next day swap out service for equipment suffering from access issues, software problems or mechanical failure. It is the only way to ensure your company does not suffer any loss of productivity due to your IT.  

Contact our team to find out more about this exclusive service. 

Dedicated home-space setup 

Maximise efficiency and safety of home workers. 

None of us work effectively in poorly set-up and supported spaces, and we certainly don’t put up with fluctuating WiFi in the office. If, as a company, you need people to work from home regularly, ILUX offers a dedicated workspace set up and management as part of your service relationship. With a business-grade router and a dedicated internet connection, all managed by ILUX, you can benefit from a site-to-site VPN connection providing a continuous and permanent connection to your workplace network. 

Security and compliance

Keep your data safe and avoid hefty fines.

Security systems including anti-virus, anti-spam and web protection should be installed on all systems, regularly updated and monitored. At ILUX we offer a comprehensive suite of security services which are fully managed and monitored live. As soon as there is a threat detected it is prevented and our Network Operation Centre is notified and we will contact you to identify the initial cause.

Cloud Services: For additional security, ILUX offers access to cloud based services. Services such as BoxCryptor encrypts data as it uploads for additional file security. 

Web Protection: Although network web protection – to prevent users accessing dangerous or inappropriate websites – is essential, it is also vital that this is applied at machine level. 

GDPR Compliance: one in ten of the 2,000 home workers that we questioned said they felt the practices expected of them whilst home working were not GDPR compliant. Given the potential fines imposed, this has to be a business priority.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-effective telephony system in an office environment and allows numbers and voicemails to be used in a home working environment. Transferring of calls, voicemail and diverting all become simpler - allowing your home working employees to never miss a single call. 

When it comes to telecoms, VoIP is the term everyone is talking about. It is the new wave of telephone systems that send your calls securely via the internet. BT are ending the use of traditional telephone lines in 2025 in favour of VoIP. VoIP is perfect for homeworking. You can make and receive calls just as if you were in the office, from anywhere.


ILUX’s IT support includes access to a wide range of cost-effective software solutions. ILUX can advise on, supply and manage business applications. As Microsoft Partners we provide and manage the full suite of Microsoft 365 applications including Microsoft Teams giving you the ultimate in collaboration and video conferencing.

IT support

It is vitally important that all staff are aware of their responsibilities to ensure the safety of your data and business. ILUX offers a flexible, no minimum term contract of IT Support and can include remote working environments. If working from home is to become a more permanent fixture in your IT infrastructure, support will be essential for not only your office premises, but everywhere that your staff are working. Plus, with our new and exclusive Rapid Replacement service (same day/next day swap out) for equipment suffering from access issues, software problems or mechanical failure – we offer something rather unique in IT Support for your business.

To discuss your home working issues or requirements, contact our knowledgable team