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Specialist IT support for schools and colleges

Student-focused IT consulting and support for the education sector


Modern IT support and consultancy that enhances learning

Today’s education sector relies on dependable IT and specialist technical support is crucial to learning. We understand that you operate a wide selection of networked computers, tablets, and managed mobile devices and many of your students will bring their own devices (BYOD). We can help you plan for the future as class numbers and staffing levels change.

ILUX has worked with some of the leading names in the independent school sector for many years. We understand the complexities you manage and have the skills, experience, accreditations, and partnerships in place.

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Wi-Fi planning

We are experts in unpicking tangled networks

Student-focused IT support for schools and colleges

As an independent school and college, you need a company that understands your unique needs and challenges. Your staff and students make demands of ICT that go beyond the “norm”. So you need reliable IT support that is bespoke and student-centric. Effective and reliable technology is a living and breathing part of the curriculum.

If something goes wrong, you need it fixed. Our dedicated Service Desk team will answer your calls quickly and keep you updated on our progress. We understand that downtime impacts teaching. Our engineers are experienced in working on-site and come with full DBS accreditation.

Whether you need a fully outsourced IT support contract or additional support to compliment your existing IT team, ILUX has the skills, experience, and expertise to help. We put the systems, processes, and procedures in place so that you can focus on your core operations.

We can plan out-of-school hours support so that lessons aren’t disrupted, ensure you have the most secure and reliable infrastructure, and free you up to focus on what’s important to you – educating your students.

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