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Next-level cyber protection

Keep your business safe from cyber threats with the new generation ILUX MDR solution

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ILUX Managed Detection and Response – next-level protection from cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are developing new and innovative ways to break into your systems. In our current climate, it is no longer IF a breach will happen, but rather WHEN. You need to do everything you possibly can to protect yourself, your business, and your customers.

The ILUX SentinelOne MDR system replaces traditional Anti-Virus (AV) protection. It is a “real-time” threat protection system that monitors your network for threats and reacts proactively using a combination of machine learning, AI, and real people to identify and block potential attacks BEFORE they can infect your systems.

Unlike traditional Anti-Virus software, which monitors your files retroactively, it takes immediate action to ensure threats are dealt with before they can get into your IT systems.

Outstanding detection powers

SentinelOne does not work this way. It uses Machine Learning and AI to look for the characteristics of a virus and threat, so no matter how you disguise it, it can still spot it. It asks questions like:

  • Has this endpoint performed this activity before?
  • Does this file or behaviour exhibit unusual patterns?
  • Why are secured files being looked at or hit?

MDR not only asks these questions; it also provides the answers we need to address the threats—with options to kill, quarantine, remediate, and roll back.

Processing power

You may be concerned that the power of this system will slow your machines down but tests have proven that it has no impact. In fact, as you no longer need to run regular scans it’s even better than Legacy AV.


SentinelOne has a feature allowing us to undo any damage the virus has done to your systems, restoring everything to how it was before the attack.

Story Line

The system will not simply accept a threat may have damaged (and fixed) your network, but also asks how and why it happened using advanced active root cause analysis. SentinelOne provides true context via a “visual storyline”. We are able to report on which process(es) initiated the attack, how it replicated, and then was spread.

Network isolation

If one of your devices is being attacked and SentinelOne cannot stop the source, it isolates the device from the network. This shields the device from additional attacks and prevents it from compromising the rest of your network, while we manage and investigate the problem.

SentinelOne balances cost vs risk and offers you a viable and affordable method to protect your business. Of course, nothing is perfect, it is an ever-evolving world and we need to stay ahead of the criminals. MDR is an important part of an overall security and protection strategy and manages many of the holes legacy AV has had for many years.

It is regularly appraised by industry-leading analysts and independent third-parties:

  • Gartner Best Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions as Reviewed by Customers
  • Gartner Best Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) as Reviewed by Customers
  • During independent testing carried out by Mitre simulating a nation-state-level attack, SentinelOne had the highest number of combined high-quality detections and automated correlations.

Protect your business, data, staff, and reputation. Get in touch today and find out more about how ILUX can keep your business safe.

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