Cyber Security Awareness Month - DON’T GET YOUR BACK UP ABOUT BACKING UP!

As part of a series of Cyber Security Guides during Cyber Security Awareness Month, we begin with backing up your data. 
Backing up your data is not the most exciting prospect, watching a progress bar for hours and ensuring your data is away from a physical computer daily, weekly and monthly. 

But backing up your data is essential and will ensure business continuity with extra data protection. So, we have compiled our top tips to think about when backing up your computer.

1. Get your head in the cloud!

You may already be using ‘the cloud’ – consciously or not. Professional cloud storage solutions are incredibly effective, safe, and phenomenally secure services which offer extensive protection for your data. Cloud-based storage solutions vary, but always ensure you get the right level of security for your data – don’t just base decisions on costs.

2. Upload on schedule, offload the stress!

Use automated back-up opportunities to ensure regular uploads. With modern cloud solutions, you can automate a certain folder, with specific file types to regularly upload to the cloud. Make it a part of your weekly routine – perhaps set this to happen at the end of each workday to ensure regular, smaller uploads.

3. Back up and back off

If you are physically backing up, then remember to keep the backup separate to your physical computer. If your chosen storage is a removable device – such as a USB stick – don’t store it near physical systems and lock it away in a safe. Do not let your employees have access to it. 

4. Strategise and legalise – encrypt and password

It always helps to know what sort of data you NEED to store and realise how sensitive that data may be. Create an uploading strategy – important data can be daily, but perhaps lesser collected data can be on a weekly or monthly strategy of backup. Wherever you store this data – ensure it is encrypted and always password protect it at any opportunity.