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When switching it off and on again is a bad idea

In today’s fast-paced business environment, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) rely heavily on technology to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and stay competitive.

One crucial component of your tech infrastructure is your server, the backbone of your digital operations.

However, when you face issues with your server’s performance or stability, the temptation to reboot it may be strong. But before you do, there are several pitfalls to consider. Phillip Abrie, Technical Director at ILUX, explores why rebooting a server without consulting an IT professional can be risky.

Troubleshooting issues

Rebooting your server, router, switch or wireless access point means that we are less likely to be able to troubleshoot the problem. When you reboot your system, we don’t have access to the history before the reboot.

Rebooting your server won’t fix the actual issue

If your email isn’t working, there is a temptation to reboot (you know we are probably likely to ask you to do this anyway!). BUT it will mask the root cause and make it a slower process for us to fix the issue.

Security Risks

Rebooting your system without a clear understanding of potential vulnerabilities can expose your business to security risks. We can apply necessary updates or patches and implement security measures to protect your data from threats.

Lack of process and documentation

We document your server configurations, processes, and troubleshooting procedures. Rebooting the server without consulting us might lead to a lack of documentation or a deviation from established protocols, making resolving issues and maintaining system integrity challenging.

Rebooting is a step in the process, but if you do it without our guidance, it hinders our ability to resolve an issue quickly. Always call us first; it’s what we are here for, and ultimately, it means you are up and running again quickly.

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