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Super-Centre for Renal Dialysis in Norwich

ILUX are working with Diaverum to create a new Renal super-centre for Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).
To meet the growing demand for renal dialysis, the Jack Pryor Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) is due to relocate to a larger, purpose-built premises in Bowthorpe.

The change will give space for expansion in future and NNUH will also be able to offer dialysis for patients on holiday in Norfolk which has not previously been available because of a lack of capacity.

Chris Cobb, Director of Operations (Medicine), said: “With a growing older population we have outgrown the current Jack Pryor Unit and need to increase our capacity to treat patients. Across the country, most renal dialysis services are now delivered in a community setting. In fact, we are one of the few Trusts still running this service in a hospital setting.

“We are creating a new super-centre for renal dialysis in Norwich which will be one of the largest centres in the UK. Patients will no longer need to attend hospital every week, but instead can attend a purpose-built specialist facility with state-of-the-art facilities and plenty of parking.”
One of the main drivers for NNUH to partner with Diaverum is to benefit from the innovation in the IT area that ILUX have a proven track-record of providing to the healthcare, in particular, renal sector.

Throughout the build process, ILUX are providing cabling and infrastructure services, while supporting strategy and implementation. Immediately after the unit opens we will be implementing an integrated data capture and dialysis machine programming system to streamline the operations of the clinic. We will also be implementing links between NNUH and the Diaverum consumables ordering system and supporting the operational status of the clinic.

James Tilbury
Chief Executive Officer
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