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Nottinghamshire Hospice and ILUX working in partnership

Using technology to improve patient care

Digital Transformation that delivers better patient care 

ILUX and Nottinghamshire Hospice are working on a large-scale digital transformation project that is revolutionising the way the organisation works.

The organisation wanted a genuine partner that would deliver results without interrupting their day-to-day operations.

ILUX have developed a clear IT strategy and roadmap that achieves the organisation’s objectives and delivers a cost-effective IT infrastructure that lets them focus on patient care.


Implementing a digital transformation project that transformed the way the organisation worked


A clear strategy and roadmap that is giving a consistent and reliable IT infrastructure


Peace of mind and the ability to focus on operational needs of the organisation

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ILUX has become a true partner to Nottinghamshire Hospice, working alongside their senior management team and trustees to shape their whole IT infrastructure. Could we help shape your IT roadmap and grow your organisation too?

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