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Getting from A to Z without diversions

From A to Z with no diversions

ILUX began working with Linc in June 2022. The company was experiencing issues with outdated and unsupported infrastructure and systems.

The resulting downtime that the business was experiencing was costing them money and productivity.

ILUX took over from their incumbent supplier, and began work on updating their systems that are delivering a more reliable service for their staff, and real cost savings.

About Linc

The specialist logistics, supply chain, and international freight management company deal with everything from stock management and distribution to specialist packing and product handling.

The company takes “A simple approach in a complicated world” and uses specialist and sophisticated technology to manage warehousing and shipping operations.

Specialist knowledge to combat interruptions

The Linc Group needed specialist technical knowledge and skills that could audit their existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations that would deliver results quickly and save money. The business was constantly interrupted by outages that impacted Linc’s clients.

Migration to the cloud saving time, money and resources

ILUX began with a comprehensive audit of Linc’s existing IT infrastructure across the substantial seven-acre facility in Coggeshall, Essex.

The ILUX onboarding team spent time with the company, mapping out existing systems, understanding the pain points, setting key objectives, and getting to know Linc’s culture.

The first project was to upgrade their server solutions, following a critical fault early in the partnership.

ILUX managed a full-scale migration to hosted Exchange through Office 365.

The benefits:

  • By migrating the on-premises server to the cloud, we are delivering a more resilient hybrid environment for email, files, folders, and applications
  • By upgrading all the Linc workstations from Microsoft Office 2010/2013 to Office 365, we can manage previously unsupported applications and ensure data security
  • Dramatically reduce the daily load of huge data migration that the business needed to run on ageing server hardware
  • Lower the cost of upgrades on local infrastructure
  • Minimal interruptions to the business

ILUX were also able to deliver significant costs savings to the business of over £20k a year against an on-premises upgrade of their servers.

Simon Page, CCO from ILUX said: “It is great to be working with Linc. They are an exciting business that share many of the same goals and objectives as ILUX.

Our first job was really to make sure they didn’t notice us; we worked hard to seamlessly transition from their existing supplier with minimum disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Our next objective was to develop medium and long-term IT strategies that grow with the business as it adapts and changes.”

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Flexible and adaptable IT solutions that grow with the business


A modular IT infrastructure that the business can draw down on as it employs new people


A stable infrastructure that has decreased downtime with minimal disruption to the business

Can we help?

The Linc Group are seeing significant cost savings from the new IT infrastructure ILUX has introduced. Could we help save you money, time and resource?

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