Disaster Recovery

ILUX Cloud Backup - use the cloud to protect your business with full back-up and recovery

Losing critical IT operating systems, applications and data can be disastrous for any business – resulting in lost revenue, customers and reputation. You can lose data from disasters such as fire and flooding, infrastructure and software failures, and increasingly from cyber attacks such as hacking, malware and ransomware – a nightmare scenario you can’t afford to ignore.

Replacing your traditional, in-house tape back-up, our ILUX Cloud Backup service uses the cloud for total back-up and recovery. It means we can enable your business to recover any data fast – any time, anywhere.

Set-up and ongoing management

Our ILUX engineers manage all implementation, either connecting remotely or performing a local back-up. Full documentation of all data and systems being backed up gives you total peace of mind.

Cost-effective back-ups

You don’t need to worry about new hardware or expensive tape systems: cloud back-up and recovery is billed as a low (fixed) monthly expense.

Proactive monitoring and support

We continuously monitor your back-ups to make sure everything is being included as it should. If you need to recover any data, our engineers manage the whole process.

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