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IT Support and consultancy for IT professionals

Managing an internal team is demanding. You need to be an expert in everything. ILUX can ease the strain and let you focus on what you do best

IT support and consultancy for IT Professionals2023-08-10T14:39:43+00:00

Delivering peace of mind so you can focus on your business

If you are managing a busy in-house IT team, outsourcing can seem a little counter-intuitive. How will using external suppliers help?

Our experience has often shown that internal IT teams are overworked, the demand for simple fixes can be overwhelming, and they lack the time and sometimes knowledge to look at long-term strategic objectives.

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Strategic partner

We are a partner not just a supplier working to proactively manage your IT infrastructure so it grows and adapts with your business

Tailor  your outsourcing package to complement your team’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Use your in-house team to focus on strategic or project work and let ILUX take over the day-to-day operational tickets
  • Use the outsourced resource to handle the more complex work, giving your internal team the bandwidth to focus on operational issues
  • Your MSP becomes a trusted partner and part of your internal resource, leading to a smoother and more efficient IT infrastructure.
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ILUX wins Best Outsourced IT Service Provider 2023 in Cambridgeshire

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