We supply, install and support the world’s best technology, giving you the best quality and reliability

Over the years we’ve implemented a vast range of IT infrastructure for our clients. During this time, we’ve learned which products provide the best value for money, resilience and performance. Our consultants provide fully independent advice and have wide ranging knowledge on the latest technology and how it can deliver real results for your business. Our engineers are skilled in deploying these product portfolios, so you can be sure it’s working from day one.

We have many years experience in specifying, deploying and supporting Cisco products (switches and wireless access points) in our solutions.

HP business partner

We have broad, practical experience in specifying, deploying and supporting the HP suite of servers, desktops and laptops.

We have broad experience in specifying, deploying and supporting Lenovo desktops and laptops.

We have broad expertise in specifying, deploying and supporting Microsoft business software – from Windows Server to Office 365.


We are proud to use 3CX business telephony solutions, a leading supplier of the latest software-based telephony system.

We have extensive knowledge in deploying and supporting Dell desktops and laptops.

We are experts in specifying, deploying and supporting the Ricoh portfolio of printing products for our customers.

We have extensive experience of supporting Apple iPhone products on behalf of our customers.

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