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Is all your IT knowledge in one bucket?

James Tilbury, CEO of ILUX talks through the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT

Part two: Knowledge and the balance of power

In almost every business, there are some individuals with a large amount of knowledge. And if that person left the business, it can open you up to risk. This is particularly the case with IT infrastructure. Documentation, whilst standard practice for IT professionals regardless, doesn’t necessarily mean your business is resilient and could recover from a critical incident.
Outsourcing increases your resilience because you are spreading the knowledge. The quality and quantity of documentation is increased (although that doesn’t mean more work for you). And working with an MSP also gives you access to expertise across a wide range of topics. In the unlikely event that we can’t fix an issue, we have access to vendor partners that can.

If we take the average salary for our region as around £30k and add in hidden costs such as NI, pension, insurance, etc, the average monthly cost is around £3,000 per month.
Based on a business with one server and 25 users, the monthly cost of an MSP is around £900.00 per month.

And if we look at the real cost of downtime, either a system-down or underperforming, the costs really start to grow.

To find out more about the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT, download our whitepaper now or contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help.

James Tilbury
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 01480 501500
Mobile: 07834 850809

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