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Diaverum TGS

Digital transformation that improves patient care

Implementing technology at the patient’s bedside means that clinical staff deliver improved accuracy and eliminate the need for “double-entry” reporting. New infrastructure talks directly to NHS systems, meaning nursing staff spend more time with patients…

Diaverum is one of the world’s leading providers of renal care and the largest independent service provider in Europe. Its operations currently span 20 countries around the world and serve a patient base of more than 29,000 people. In 2007, Diaverum launched its UK operation in partnership with NHS England and currently provides care to over 1,500 patients in 20 clinics across the country.

ILUX have worked with Diaverum for several years, providing a variety of services, including strategy, infrastructure management and monitoring, and service desk facilities. In addition, ILUX is also key to strategic initiatives involving the use of technology within dialysis services and patient care.

The Diaverum Treatment Guidance System (TGS) and Dialysis Machine Connectivity (d.Connect) has successfully gone live in the UK.

With TGS, a tablet is installed on every dialysis machine. TGS is a tablet-based system which displays patient information, including prescriptions and allows for data entry at the bedside. TGS is connected directly to iRIMS, meaning all data entered goes directly into iRIMS, and once the treatment has been completed on TGS, there should not normally be any further data entry required.

The primary purposes of TGS are:

  • To standardise care by guiding clinical staff through treatment and prompting for data collection
  • Improving accuracy of data collected
  • Effectively recording disinfections
  • To enable staff to spend more time at the bedside
  • Reducing the amount of time required to be spent behind a computer during and after treatments

d.Connect is a system which enables TGS to automatically download data from the dialysis machines. This saves a lot of time when clinicians are recording observations and other treatment information as the fields are populated on demand by the system.

TGS and d.Connect have been designed and implemented internally within Diaverum as a collaboration between both the corporate team and various countries, including the UK. ILUX has been involved with these projects throughout both in terms of research and development and implementation. It is for this reason we are very proud to be successfully deploying the systems throughout the UK clinics.

“Due to the rapid changes within IT, unless you can focus on this alone, it is impossible to keep up to speed. Working with ILUX has meant that we have reduced costs, and we now have a whole team of IT experts on hand supporting our high performing, reliable systems.”

Jennifer Carpenter, Managing Partner, Adams Harrison Solicitors


Improving patient care by implementing new technology


Individual tablets that talk directly to centralised NHS systems 


Improved patient care, less chance of human error and replaced “double-entry” processes

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