Boilerjuice: Service Desk

Engaging with ILUX to use IT to help power their success

Time to get proactive

Founded in 2004, Boilerjuice was the UK’s first heating oil price comparison service and has risen to the become the UK’s number one heating oil marketplace. To support Boilerjuice’s hunger for growth and customer satisfaction, their operational IT provision needs to support their business today and be ready to scale. 

Building the foundations

It all started with working with Boilerjuice’s new CTO to understand the pain points and working through fixing the ‘small things’. Understanding the unique way in which Boilerjuice uses technology to serve their customers was also a major exercise to ensure ILUX are in-tune with the business ambitions.

A fresh outlook

ILUX are now a fully trusted partner of Boilerjuice, providing IT operational support through the ILUX Service Desk meaning all IT incidents and requests are managed by ILUX, whereas they were handled internally within Boilerjuice. In addition, ILUX is providing a hardware procurement facility right through to machine staging and desktop delivery. These services alone keep Boilerjuice operational and ensure the Boilerjuice team are not getting distracted by operational IT matters. With many more, larger projects planned, to include increased cyber defence and the move of services to ILUX Cloud the future is looking very warm for Boilerjuice and their customers. 

Boilerjuice are the UK's most trusted independent heating oil supplier, processing over 1 million orders since 2004.