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Optimise your business’s IT set up to work from home

With unprecedented numbers of us now forced to work from home, we’re facing the first major test to IT systems in businesses throughout the country. Recent research we commissioned indicated that many employees felt their companies were unprepared for such a situation, with just one in three of those surveyed saying they felt supported by their employers whilst working from home.

Now, it seems like remote working is set to become the “new normal”- at least for the time being. So, how can you make sure to optimise your business’s IT set up and allow your employees to stay productive whilst working from home?

Remote Working Systems – What are the essentials?

In order to carry on working productively and effectively when you/your employees are working remotely, there are several items you really cannot do without. 

Hardware Rapid Replacement

Having the right hardware is essential, at ILUX we can provide all the essentials needed for home working. In addition – working with ILUX offers a Rapid Replacement service - same day/next day swap out service for equipment suffering from access issues, software problems or mechanical failure. It is the only way to ensure your company does not suffer any loss of productivity due to your IT.  

Security tools

Security is paramount, so it’s also important that remote workers’ devices are actively monitored with anti-virus and anti-malware software, as well as web filtering software, to prevent staff accessing phishing and unsafe websites.

VoIP phone system

A Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) telephone system, (a phone system that runs over the internet), is another essential. Not only are VoIP systems significantly cheaper than traditional landlines, they also offer more functionality and flexibility of use.

Hosted applications and services

The cloud is essential for effective remote working, as it allows access to essential files and documents from any location. For additional security, consider using a service such as BoxCryptor, which encrypts all data being uploaded.

IT support

Once you’ve equipped yourself/your workforce with the right tools and systems, you then need to ensure that you have effective support in place. This is fundamental for ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that any issues are swiftly and expertly resolved.

The right environment

When working from home, posture and comfort as just as important as they would be in the office, so we recommend using a full-size keyboard and mouse, together with a separate monitor. If you’re a business owner, you should additionally consider having a dedicated home office with a business-grade internet connection and a permanent connection to your office.

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