Improving wi-fi can seem like an obvious fix, but for BoilerJuice, the UK’s first heating oil price comparison service, it was a fundamental cornerstone of their business. By understanding the business’s key objectives, ILUX delivered results from day one…

Founded in 2004, BoilerJuice was the UK’s first heating oil price comparison service and has risen to become the UK’s number one heating oil marketplace. To support the company’s growth plans and customer satisfaction levels, their operational IT provision needs to support their business now and be ready to scale quickly.

Building the foundations
We began by working with Boilerjuice’s new CTO to understand the pain points prioritising fixing the ‘small things’, like the Wi-Fi – a fundamental utility to Boilerjuice. All the usual complaints associated with W-Fi were eliminated when ILUX installed a clustered Cisco enterprise-grade system. Understanding the unique way in which Boilerjuice uses technology to serve their customers means we are in-tune with the business’ ambitions.

A fresh outlook
ILUX are now a fully trusted partner of Boilerjuice, providing IT operational support through the ILUX Service Desk where all IT incidents and requests are managed by ILUX rather than through their internal IT team. We also provide a hardware procurement facility right through to machine staging and desktop delivery. This service keeps Boilerjuice operational and ensures the internal team are not distracted by operational IT issues. With many more, larger projects planned, including increased cyber defence and the move of service to ILUX Cloud the future is looking very warm for Boilerjuice and their customers.

“ILUX are a true partner to us. Their ability to support our fleet of Mac and PC machines keeps us operational, and their forward thinking has helped me implement a fast and secure infrastructure”

Clive Baker, CTO, Boilerjuice


Establishing objectives that help the business achieve its ambitions


Developing a detailed project plan with the client to capitalise on “quick-wins” while still developing a long-term plan


An IT infrastructure that works with the business, delivering faster response and improving customer service delivery