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Future-proofing IT infrastructure for growth

A long-term strategy for fast-growing bioscience company

As a fast-growing business, needed an IT support and consultancy partner that could grow with their business
  • They moved into state-of-the-art premises and needed IT infrastructure that would grow from 10 staff to over 250 in a few years
  • ILUX developed a modular option that gives the business the flexibility to change and adapt is one of the leading bioscience companies in the world. Their ground-breaking technology produces human cells for research, drug discovery, and cell therapy. The company was a spin-out from the University of Cambridge and began in 2016. It has since raised $150m of funding and continues to grow. The board is chaired by serial entrepreneur Dr Hermann Hauser and includes Sir Gregory Winter (Nobel Prize for medicine), biotech veteran Alan Roemer (co-founder of Roivant and Pharmasset), and the company’s CEO and scientific founder Dr. Mark Kotter.

Future-proofing fast growth

ILUX has been working with since the business moved into its current premises, The Dorothy Hodgkin Building at Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge.

The team at knew they would be expanding rapidly, going from a handful of staff to over 250 in the space of a few years.

They needed an IT infrastructure that would grow with the business and meet the needs of an ever-changing and demanding sector.

Modular infrastructure template that adapts to the business needs

ILUX worked with the project team to design, build and maintain their IT infrastructure. We developed a clear strategy for their data centre, servers, networking and third-party application management.

As we understood the business was growing rapidly, we designed a solution that was modular and could be drawn on as the business needs demanded. The site is now at capacity with just over 250 users, but because of this modular approach, the company is now able to port the infrastructure into new premises as they continue to grow.

Minimising disruption to focus on core business

ILUX now maintain and monitor all its systems. The reliability and stability of the infrastructure mean that the company has experienced minimal disruption. In fact, they have only had 0.14% downtime since working with us.

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“We were involved with the business at ground zero which meant that we could advise on every aspect of the project and future-proof the infrastructure as they expanded and changed. Because they involved us so early in the process, we were able to develop a design with the foresight to include all possibilities.”

Simon Page, Account Director, ILUX


Flexible and adaptable IT solutions that grow with the business


A modular IT infrastructure that the business can draw down on as it employs new people


A stable infrastructure that has decreased downtime with minimal disruption to the business

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ILUX has become a true partner to, working alongside their senior management and in-house IT teams to shape their infrastructure. Could we help shape your IT roadmap and grow your business too?

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