Working with long-standing client Adams Harrison has delivered real cost savings, reduced bottlenecks and improved their cyber security. Following a full audit of their systems, ILUX introduced new ways to communicate and collaborate across their offices…

First steps:
An initial audit of the existing IT infrastructure helped us understand performance and look at where bottlenecks and security issues were appearing. We also examined third-party supplier and support arrangements, which were adding further complexity to the firm’s IT arrangements. We then worked with the management team to understand more about their operational and strategic requirements and delivered a system that would be affordable and scalable.

The first-phase solution was agreed and then installed by ILUX, which included new ProLiant servers for the firm’s HQ and satellite offices and virtual desktops using thin-client Microsoft terminal services. The network cabling was upgraded, along with a new Wi-Fi network. iPhones were deployed to staff to provide mobile access and laptops were configured for remote working, using a secure VPN (virtual private network). We implemented improved site-to-site links, and deployed a 3CX VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone system reducing costs and delivering an enhanced remote working capability. For software licensing, ILUX restructured the firm’s volume licensing agreement to take advantage of more cost-effective arrangements, and for the firm’s security, installed antivirus, spam filtering and encrypted back-up to protect the business from harmful cyber threats, such as ransomware and hacking. To provide ongoing management and support, ILUX put in place monthly operations and quarterly strategy meetings to continually monitor the performance of the IT systems and plan ongoing improvements.

The improved IT systems put in place has enabled Adams Harrison to gain control over its IT provision resulting in cost-effective and secure systems that are robust now and scalable for its future growth.


Flexible and adaptable IT solutions that grow with the business


A modular IT infrastructure that the business can draw down on as it employs new people


A stable infrastructure that has decreased downtime with minimal disruption to the business