IT Security

Protecting your business from security threats is one of the most critical aspects of IT management. Threats to your business can come from highly organised cyber crime attacks – from email phishing, malware, malicious links in websites and social media, and increasingly from ransomware (BBC reports alarming rise in ransonware attacks).

The effects on businesses can be catastrophic, leading to loss of data, downtime, and in the worst cases, the complete loss of the IT function, crippling the ability to run your business.

In many cases these threats are unwittingly triggered by your own staff, making it crucially important to have robust, comprehensive security protection in place. By keeping one step ahead of potential threats, your business can proactively avoid the worst from happening.

Comprehensive security to continually protect your business

Our security services – XGuard Antivirus, NetProtect and MXProtect Spam Filtering – provide peace of mind protection for your business by combining all necessary protection into one comprehensive, remotely managed service. This means you can effectively trust our security service to provide maximum protection without the need for you to manage such threats yourself.

ILUX security suite:

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