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Digital signage for lifts

Lifts are an ideal location to place digital signage within your building. Whether it’s a hotel, shopping mall or office, by being an area where you have a captive audience, lifts can deliver targeted advertising and communications that make real returns. For example, hotels can offer timed ads such as afternoon tea or spa treatments, shopping malls can deliver information about sales promotions and events, and for offices, communications are brought to life with more engaging video imagery.

The use of digital signage screens in lifts, especially high-speed lifts, can be challenging to get right. The long cabling distances required from screen to media player can compromise signal strength and make ongoing management a complex process. Answering this challenge, ILUX has vast experience in digital signage for lifts, including having worked extensively with leading lift manufacturers OTIS and Schindler in many high-specification buildings.

State-of-the art screens, with centralised media management

Our practical experience paired with close co-operation with lift manufacturers has enabled us to deliver our clients exemplary digital signage within their lift installations with centralised, simplified management of their running media. Our installs are known for pushing technical boundaries and exceeding clients’ expectations.

ILUX digital signage lifts screens

Case study

Otis is the world’s largest manufacturer and maintainer of people-moving products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

ILUX partnered with Otis to provide digital signage design and installation for many of their fast-moving lifts in several prestigious London office locations.

ILUX provided consultancy, design and support for the whole project lifecycle, establishing a system that vastly improved upon previous systems. The lifts, which run at 6 metres per second, were originally running on individual units that were connected via a 200m cable to the lift screen from the top of each shaft. This made the system unreliable in terms of transmission quality and difficult to update.

ILUX’s services dramatically improved the system by providing a centralised Media Manager that controlled media player units that were placed on top of the lift instead of the shaft. This improved the transmission signal significantly and enabled the team to update all screens professionally at once.

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