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Business Continuity and disaster recovery

XVault – Protect your business with full back up and recovery using the cloud

The cost of losing critical IT operating systems, applications and data can be disastrous for any business – resulting in lost revenue, customers and reputation. Businesses can lose data from disasters like fire and flooding, infrastructure and software failures, and increasingly from cyber attacks such as hacking, malware and ransomware. All present the real risk of losing some or all of your business data. It’s a nightmare scenario that you can’t afford to ignore.

Looking at how back-ups are managed, many businesses are moving away from traditional, on-premise tape backup solutions to cloud-based backup and recovery. Did you know that over 150,000 companies today use hybrid cloud backup and recovery daily to protect their business operations? Like most businesses, you’re probably backing up data one or more times a week. But, in reality, it’s not just about the ability to backup – it’s about whether you can recover and how quickly.

Our XVault service – using cloud backup and recovery – provides you with the speed of a local recovery with the redundancy and availability of the cloud. With the ability to backup and fully recover your most critical systems, we can enable your business to recover any data, anytime, anywhere.

XVault from ILUX gives anytime, anywhere access to recover everything..

Bare Metal Recovery |   Operating Systems |  Files  |  Databases  |   Applications   |   And more…


  • How does XVault improve my business?
    Specifically, XVault hybrid cloud backup provides you with business continuity and disaster recovery solution, reducing recovery time by being able to recover entire servers, workstations and their data, and do so using either local or cloud-based storage which ensures you can recover even if it needs to be off-site.
  • What problems is it solving?
    Business continuity and disaster recovery is the simplest answer. But there are many problems with achieving business continuity – what is your recovery time objective? XVault speeds up this process over your current solution to meet needed recovery times.
  • Why should I switch to XVault from my current backup solution?
    Your current solution utilises expensive hardware and tapes, which are prone to failure, lack redundancy, and don’t protect the business in the event of a disaster requiring moving to an alternate site.
  • How expensive is it?
    First off, from an accounting standpoint, it’s a different expense. Your traditional purchases of backup hardware are capital expenditures. XVault is looked at as an ongoing service, so it becomes a monthly operating expense, which improves cash flow. Second, the cost is based on usage, so your backup and recovery cost only grows as your business does.
  • Where is the data stored?
    Data is backed up to world-class datacenters and a disk-based storage device on-premise (the use of local backups in conjunction with cloud backups is the reason for the term hybrid cloud backup). This ensures you have an ability to recover your data, even if your Internet connection is down, with the redundancy of cloud-based backups.
  • Is my data secure?
    XVault supports up to military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption and only you, the customer, have the key to decrypt the data.
  • How available is my data?
    Remember you have both cloud-based and local storage retaining backups of your data.  So whether you need to simply recover a file locally or an entire server to an alternate location, the XVault service is always available to recover your data.
  • What is the uptime of my data in the cloud?
    The datacenters are architected to provide 99.999% uptime – that equates to a little over 5 minutes of unplanned downtime a year.
  • What kind of Recovery Time Objective can I expect?
    While giving you a specific timeframe requires indepth understanding of what needs to be recovered and the priority for each data set, it is reasonable to state that with backups available both locally and from the cloud, restore speeds as fast as 5GB/min, meaning XVault can get you back and operational very quickly – in most cases within a few hours.
  • What other companies are using this?
    The service has over 150K daily users generating 50 million backups annually, and 50K restores monthly – all with a 100% restore success rate.
  • What systems are natively supported?
    The XVault service natively supports Windows , Linux, and OSX systems and industry leading platforms such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, MySQL, Oracle, Hyper-V, and VMware.
  • How do backups work?
    Data is checked for changes and is backed up to a datacenter and, optionally, the Local Speed Vault (a local NAS device). If the Internet connection is down, backups are made to the Local Speed Vault and then synchronized up to the cloud when the Internet connection is restored.
  • Isn’t that a lot of data to go across an Internet connection? No. The XVault service’s technology looks at daily changes to data at the block level (256KB), encrypts and compresses the new and changed blocks and groups them into an 8MB “cabinet” before transmission. The resulting backups are transmitted more quickly, and contain an average of less than 0.5% of the total data size selected yielding backup and restore speeds of over 5GB/min.
  • How does that translate to bandwidth usage?
    Backups and restore using the XVault technology and cabinet backups typically take 50% of the bandwidth of competing cloud solutions.
  • Where is the data stored?
    The service has world-class datacenters around the globe, allowing you the choice of location that provides you the most security, speed and availability. (NOTE: If you are using your own datacenters, you will need to speak to this question with your own specifics.)
  • What kind of hardware is used? Is my data safe?
    Yes. The XVault service uses industry-standard hardware from vendors such as IBM, HP and Dell. Systems are architected to have zero single points of failure to maximise availability.
  • Is my data secure?
    The XVault service supports up to military-grade 448-bit Blowfish encryption and only you, the customer, have the private encryption key.
  • Local NAS? What’s that all about?
    The XVault service uses a hybrid cloud model to maximise the speed, scalability and availability of recovery, whether recovery occurs on-site or at an alternate site.
  • Then how do restores work?
    The XVault service’s Cloud Management Console automatically determines which storage medium (the cloud or the LSV) will provide the fastest restore.
  • Who is using this?
    The service has over 150K daily users generating 50 million backups annually, and 50K restores monthly – all with a 100% restore success rate.

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