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Your very own IT department, with proactive management and support

The IT sector moves faster than any other, so creating an internal IT department can be an ongoing challenge. If your business has grown to a size where you need to have a dedicated IT function, outsourcing your IT needs to ILUX provides the necessary level of expertise and practical help to support your business without the need to manage and employ your own staff.

Remote monitoring

We keep an eye on your IT system to make sure everything’s running as it should. Our remote software constantly monitors the health of your systems, helping us proactively identify any issues and deal with them before they become an issue.

Telephone support

We provide 24/7/365 telephone support with named engineers. Our friendly support team are on hand for any issues your business might need support on – from software questions to desktop problems to server issues.

On-site support

Our on-site support provides swift resolution to issues that can’t be resolved remotely. Your named engineer will be on hand to visit your site at a time that suits you, providing expert fault identification and resolution.

Monthly reports

We provide monthly updates on the performance of your IT and any issues arising within your IT system against your agreed service level agreement (SLA), giving you a full understanding of how your IT is currently operating.


We provide pro-active reviews of your IT systems, helping you to understand the current provision and how it’s performing against demand and your objectives. Where needed, our reviews will outline if any capacity changes are required or any risks are identified, again helping to pro-actively address areas before they might become a problem.

Upgrades and replacements

Engineering time to replace devices or equipment that experience failures or issues that can’t be resolved by our normal support methods is included with IT Manager. These replacements can be made urgently with installation by our expert engineers.

Stockholding of replacement equipment

In order to provide rapid and emergency replacements, we can hold replacements of all your equipment in stock – giving you peace of mind that they’re always ready to be deployed by our engineers if you need them.

Policies and procedures development

We provide guidance and practical assistance to help you build best practice for your IT function and instil processes that meet today’s stringent requirements. This encompasses areas such as IT governance, GDPR, security, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Virtual IT Manager

Our Virtual IT Manager service provides a level of IT management to reduce the expense of employing a dedicated IT Manager. You get access to intelligence and advice to ensure your operational IT is safe, secure and performing.

Virtual IT Manager

Our IT Department service gives you a cost-effective approach to managing your corporate IT systems and keeping them running smoothly. Not only do you get access to the ILUX IT Service Desk, you also get your own dedicated Virtual IT Manager, managing your IT to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance. You can also choose to benefit from any or all of our range of technology services, such as our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Antivirus Protection, Spam Filtering, Hosted Microsoft Exchange and many more out-of-the-box services.

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