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ILUX IT Department

Your very own IT Department, with pro-active management and support

The information technology sector moves faster than any other, so creating an internal IT department can be an ongoing challenge. If your business has grown to a size where you need to have a dedicated IT function, outsourcing your IT needs to ILUX provides the necessary level of expertise and practical help to support your business without the need to manage and employ your own staff.

Virtual IT Manager

Our IT Department service gives you a cost-effective approach to manage your corporate IT systems and keep them running smoothly. Not only do you get access to the ILUX IT Service Desk, you also get your own dedicated Virtual IT Manager, managing your IT to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance. You can also choose to benefit from any or all of our range of technology services, such as our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Antivirus protection, Spam filtering, hosted Microsoft Exchange and many more out-of-the-box services.

What’s included

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