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Site deployment and office moves

We pride ourselves on delivering smooth site deployments to get your new location up and running rapidly

If you’re looking to add a new office, add additional premises or move office, we provide best-in-class site deployments to get your new location up and running quickly and securely.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they’re looking to achieve. We can support you from day one, working alongside your agents or architects to select a premises that suits your business needs. The structure and internal fittings of a building can have a big bearing on costs – and we can work with you to make sure you’re fully aware of what can be achieved with the building in its current state – such as if it has a raised floor, suspended ceiling, wall trunking or partitioning.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Every site deployment we do is conducted to our strict code of conduct – ensuring you get an installation that’s discreet and to the highest quality.

Building an optimal design plan

We work closely with your facilities team and/or architects, providing them with standard specifications to guide them on the internal plans. This includes areas such as where best to place the server room, where access controls/swipe card readers should be placed, and where best to site data cabling and telephony points.

Architecture and network points planning

ILUX network planning

We work directly on your architect and office plans to build out the most efficient placement of your IT network points, server room and swipe card access. We proactively evaluate your plans to make sure you get the most efficient use of cabling and siting of points.

Wi-fi planning

ILUX wifi planning

We provide sophisticated wi-fi planning technology to ensure you get the best coverage across your location, indoors as well as outside if needed. Our plans clearly show you the best placement of your wi-fi transmitters, so you can be confident that all staff and visitors can receive a strong signal.

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