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Wi-Fi for the NHS – GP surgeries, hospitals and clinics

High quality patient and staff Wi-Fi you can trust

The UK government’s commitment to provide free Wi-Fi to all NHS patients and staff by 2020 is expected to result in dramatic improvements to care and the patient experience. With the rollout covering all NHS services, spanning GP surgeries, clinics and hospitals, it will be a truly transformative project for the NHS.

When seeking a partner for your NHS Wi-Fi rollout you need to be sure that you’re getting the right design and technology fit that provides the highest levels of performance. At ILUX, we know that good Wi-Fi comes from years of experienced installations.

Our professional Wi-Fi design, installation and support for healthcare not only delivers excellent coverage across your buildings and outside spaces, but is also backed up by our high quality, discreet deployment methods from our expert technical engineers – ensuring the install respects the aesthetics of your environment with minimal disruption to staff and patients.

We’ve worked on a range of healthcare Wi-Fi installs, providing patients and staff with a dependable service that delivers exemplary levels of coverage and performance. All our installations employ a considered approach that takes into account the individual building and its surroundings.

Expert Wi-Fi planning, installation and support

We use sophisticated Wi-Fi planning technology to ensure you get the best coverage across your location, indoors as well as outside if needed. Our plans clearly show you the best placement of your Wi-Fi transmitters, so you can be confident that all staff and visitors can receive a strong signal.

ILUX wifi planning

Our NHS Wi-Fi solutions include the following:

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Case study

ILUX helps to transform renal patient services for 20 Diaverum / NHS England renal clinics with free patient Wi-Fi

Diaverum is one of the world’s leading providers of renal care and the largest independent service provider in Europe. Its operations currently span 20 countries around the world and serves a patient base of more than 29,000 people.

ILUX provides consulting, integration and support services, including free patient Wi-Fi across all its clinics. The free Wi-Fi is highly appreciated by patients, providing the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, watch movies, read online books and carry out shopping.

Watch the full video and read the case study

Case study

Managed Patient Wi-Fi for Lister Macmillan Cancer Centre

A new £3M Macmillan Cancer Centre developed in a partnership between East and North Herts NHS Trust and Macmillan Cancer Care, has doubled the capacity of the hospital to provide chemotherapy treatment to patients in a welcoming and positive environment. There are two restful and soothing gardens for people with cancer and their families, which have been designed to help improve patients’ response to treatment, as well as provide a welcome environment for accompanying family and friends.

As part of making every effort to make the new centre comfortable and welcoming to patients, Macmillan wanted to offer free Wi-Fi to patients.

Read the full case study here >>

ILUX Macmillan Cancer case study

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