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ILUX helps Chiswick Park to enhance its visitor experience with guest Wi-Fi and digital signage

Home to a number of high-profile global companies, Chiswick Park is one of west London’s most prestigious office developments. The park has a pervasive belief that if people enjoy work, they do better work – if they do better work, you have a better business.

The challenge

As part of its ethos to provide a great working environment, Chiswick Park was seeking to provide a number of technology services to improve its visitor experience. These included providing guest Wi-Fi, both indoors and outside in its beautifully landscaped gardens. In conjunction, the use of digital signage screens was sought to help provide useful information and deliver visually engaging marketing campaigns to both its office workers and visitors.

The solution

ILUX began its involvement by auditing the park’s environment, to find out more about the building’s internal layout and outside space. For the Wi-Fi requirements, it was imperative that the service be available across the site at all times, wherever it was being accessed. This meant designing an install that didn’t falter across all its 12 buildings as well as into the estate’s garden spaces, which cover an area of 1.8 million square feet.

ILUX used its Wi-Fi design skills to determine the best locations to place the transmitters, producing coverage maps to illustrate the strength of signal across the site. From these plans, ILUX then deployed the whole Wi-Fi solution, providing a discreet installation that complements the aesthetics of the building and outside areas. For the end-user experience, a branded portal was launched, providing a professional interface for all users to access the service on.

For the park’s digital signage, ILUX undertook structural surveys to specify a suite of screens that were specifically designed for the location they were needed in. These included screens for the park’s lifts, which used ILUX’s unique lift system that enables centralised management, ceiling hung scree


The outcome

The completed installs were an immediate success and achieved the desired visitor experience. The Wi-Fi service has now been in service since its initial install in 2008, and from this time has performed to the highest standards, enabling visitors to easily connect to guest Wi-Fi wherever they choose to work – both indoors and out.

The digital signage suite has enabled the park to deliver timely information updates and marketing campaigns with ease, providing a centralised method of updating all screens as and when needed, saving time and resources.

Overall, the unique setting of Chiswick Park has benefited from the enhanced services ILUX has provided, providing a 21st-century working lifestyle for its many staff and visitors.

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