“Treatment must go on – So we couldn’t switch off”

ILUX have worked in partnership with Diaverum and their IT requirements for several years. ILUX have been responsible for the installation of IT infrastructure and equipment in newly agreed clinics for Diaverum, ensuring a smooth transition to the required systems of the company and a robust, secure, and functional system from the point of re-opening.  

The lockdown in the UK presented a whole new issue 

“Closing our clinics to patients was never going to be an option for us,” comments Michael Hartnett, Managing Director of Diaverum. “Even with the increasing risk to public health from the coronavirus outbreak, ceasing treatments for our chronically sick patients was not an option, so we had to adapt, fast”. 

Diaverum, just like every company in the country, was told ‘If you can work from home you must’. For medical professionals, who are relied on to care for patients, this was never going to be the case. However, as a company they were prepared and centres were prepped to conform with social distancing, all centre employees were supplied with full PPE and robust patient procedures were implemented. All this, whilst losing all the support staff in the centres and head office. 

Hartnett explains: “Our medical and treatment specialists remained in clinics all over the country. The medical service we provide to them changes their lives and could not just be stopped. However, other activities in the centre were controlled by support staff and it was our legal duty to ensure their safety and ask them to work from home.”

How easy was this transition to a remote working model? 

“When we set up our centres, one of the primary concerns has to be that of a crisis or disaster, such as fire, flood or lack of staff. We are used to covering all contingencies and have a robust business continuity plan in place, that would have been useless without the IT support we have been provided. ILUX was chosen as our partner as we believed that they had the ability to deliver on these plans and were able to identify what was required to ensure we had the most robust systems for our requirements. I trusted their decisions, which were clear and considered and explained fully to us.” Hartnett explains. 

When setting up the systems in Diaverum clinics, we used a range of facilities and software to ensure that, should for any reason they had to abandon their offices or clinics, a “grab and go” remote system was in place. This proved invaluable during the pandemic, as this provided the clinics and head office, with the ability to move to remote working with no disruption to normal working practices. 

Hartnett concludes: “Without this trusted partnership and the ability to work as one team – which is how it has always felt with ILUX, things could have been so much worse. We had no idea this pandemic would ever arrive, but our initial planning, the brief from us and the excellent delivery from ILUX has meant not one patient had to wait for treatment, we could maintain working practices during lockdown and with a remote workforce, we could still deliver sensitive treatment and patient data to the NHS – all of this knowing our devices, and all of our data is secure from breach.” 

James Tilbury, Managing Director at ILUX explains: “~We are delighted that this infrastructure and equipment we had suggested in our initial brief to the client, had delivered when it came to forced remote working. Planning for contingencies and working closely with your business continuity plan when considering your IT systems will ensure that when a crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs us, you are able to work remotely in a safe and considered way. Diaverum were a pleasure to work – their forward-thinking business planning ensured their business, and patients, were not affected – and more importantly, it could potentially have saved lives too.” 

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