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ILUX delivers and supports free patient Wi-Fi for Macmillan Cancer Centre

New centre benefits from always on Wi-Fi both indoors and in the gardens

Macmillan Cancer is one of the most recognised cancer support charities in the UK, providing practical care, advice and support to people affected by cancer. In 2014, the new £3 million Lister Macmillan Cancer Centre was built in partnership with East and North Herts NHS Trust and Macmillan Cancer Care, doubling the capacity of the hospital to provide chemotherapy treatment to patients in a welcoming and positive environment.

The challenge

As part of its design requirements, the new cancer centre included a dedicated information and support centre for patients and families, as well as two gardens for patients to relax in while undergoing treatment.

As part of making every effort to make the new centre comfortable and welcoming to patients, Macmillan wanted to offer free Wi-Fi to its patients, so that they could access the Internet and online services whilst they undergo treatment.

ILUX Macmillan Cancer case study

The solution

ILUX began its involvement at the building construction stage, so that the Wi-Fi infrastructure hardware and installation was in-line with the architectural specification.

To ensure a strong wi-fi signal across the centre and that coverage was consistent, ILUX used its Wi-Fi planning technology to identify where best to place the Wi-Fi transmitters. Internal access points were then installed throughout the centre. Utilising multiple meshed access points and different antenna types, ILUX maximised coverage and data throughput ensuring all users wold have adequate bandwidth.

For the outside gardens, ILUX installed high-power external access points on the roof of the centre. The external access points are able to withstand all the elements of the great British weather, including extreme temperatures.

All of the access points were linked to and controlled by the ILUX SENTRY-WX Wi-Fi controller, providing content filtering and ‘Quality of Service’ traffic management to ensure a safe and consistent service to all users. In addition, the system is fully compliant with all laws and regulations.

A fully branded captive portal was also designed and deployed to provide users with the recognisable Macmillan and NHS brands.

The outcome

The ILUX Wi-Fi installation was an immediate success with the centre’s patients, providing quick, free access to Wi-Fi when visiting the centre.

The Wi-Fi has been maintained on an ongoing basis by ILUX, ensuring service continuity and maximum levels of bandwidth are always provided. The reliability of the service has been appreciated by the Macmillan staff and patients, allowing worry-free, always-on Wi-Fi access.

ILUX Macmillan Cancer case study Wi-Fi

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