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Empowering your business with technology-driven services

At ILUX, we know your business is critically reliant on technology to power your everyday processes and keep things running smoothly, securely and efficiently. Today, well designed technology-driven processes can also set businesses apart,  delivering innovation, improved customer experiences and a competitive edge. With the right technology in place you can optimise and transform processes, reduce costs – and ultimately grow your business.

We’ve designed our services to meet the demands of the modern day business, helping you to concentrate on keeping your workforce running in the safe knowledge that your IT is expertly designed and supported.

What makes us different

A business built on client satisfaction

ILUX was formed in 2008, and over the years we’ve built a strong team that’s trusted by our clients. In fact, we’ve never even marketed our services until recently as most of our relationships have been formed from word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s a testament to how we’re judged by our clients and a trust that we only want to build on for future partnerships.

We believe IT is a great business enabler

In today’s competitive landscape, IT shouldn’t be viewed as just a back-room function. It can be, and often is, the catalyst to fuelling innovation and growing your business. Our services are crafted to your specific business targets and strategic direction – 1, 3, 5 years into the future.  We call this “hotwiring your brain trust” – meaning you can trust us to deliver you the right technology and services to meet your business goals, whilst optimising your IT running costs.

Experts in supporting your growing business

Allowing us to support your IT can make great business sense. It allows you to focus on your business while leaving your IT management and support to experts who specialise in the IT field. Our IT management and support services do just that – giving you peace of mind with fast response times, personalised case handling and swift resolution.

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